Recyclable Functional Solutions for Packaging Applications

We focus on innovative and environment-friendly solutions for the packaging industry. Our water-based binder and adhesives turn paper and paperboard grades into high-performing food and non-food packaging materials. Creating barrier-like surface properties to hinder the migration of mineral oils, oils, fat, water, water vapour or other unwanted substances with additional sealing performance to deliver consumer safety, functionality and recyclability.

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High Performance for Demanding Packaging Requirements

To meet the needs of the board and flexible packaging industries, Omya offers a variety of barrier coatings based on natural or synthetic polymers depending on the performance required. All of our barrier solutions are ready-to-use, water-borne, and supplied at high solids content. This allows the use of existing application equipment such as coating, converting, or printing devices. Omya barrier coatings feature full recyclability or even bio-degradability, food contact compliance, and an attractive price-performance level.
Best Performance for Highest Demands
A wide portfolio of waterborne barrier coatings that are easy to blend with other components for food packaging applications. Featuring exceptionally long product shelf life.
Extomine is your preferred choice for high performance at an optimized total applied cost.

Extomine Functional Coatings 
Protection of food against mineral oil (MOSH, MOAH) and other harmful substances can be achieved by using the special “Extomine M” binder grade – a product with minimal blocking tendency. Acting as a molecular sieve, regulatory problematic substances as e.g. bisphenols can be shielded and aromas are preserved

Mineral Oil Protection

  • Folding box board (FBB) grades based on recycled and virgin fibers
  • Flexible paper packaging (bags, pouches, etc.)

Typical fields of application:

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As alternative to fluorine chemical solutions (PFAS) or polyolefins (PE, PP), the product binder range of “Extomine G” is providing superb oil and grease resistance for all kind of application technologies. Additional functionality as water repellence or water vapor as well as A/A sealability completes the typical requirements for (food) packaging grades.

Oil and Grease Protection

  • Take-away packaging

Typical fields of application:

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  • Vending materials
  • Frozen food         
The "Extomine S" product range provides the best-in-class performance to replace today’s adhesive solutions for packaging applications where A/B sealability is required – whether for hot clamp, ultrasonic, or hot air sealing.
Additional performance properties such as oil & grease as well as water repellence and water vapor protection must be addressed.
“Extomine S” features enable the packaging designer to replace classic solutions such as polyethylene laminations or extrusions, or PVdC coatings to gain an environmentally friendly and recyclable solution.

Sealing Solutions

  • Sachets
  • Sealing lids
  • Flexible paper packging
  • Cupstock

Typical fields of application:

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In addition to our wide range of barrier coatings, Omya offers a variety of complementary additives to provide further value to the packaging market.
Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)
For gaining O2 protective properties - compatible  to our binder and adhesive solutions - PVOH is an ideal partner. Omya offers all typical grades (molecular length, saponification).
Modifiers, Surfactants and Defoamers 
Portfolio of best fitting products to adjust rheology, viscosity incl. high shear viscosity and surface energy can be offered.

A wide range of various, food compliant pigments such as CaCO3, Clay or TiO2 are completing the portfolio.


Tune Your Board Surfaces to Individual Needs

Unlock the potential of full coating flexibility with Omya Aqurate.
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Broad Choice for Tailored Surface Properties

Achieve optimal print results & converting by tailoring opacity, brightness, gloss, or absorption to your needs. 
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Food Contact Approved
Aqueous Dispersions 
Based on customer requirements, Omya is actively supporting with its technical expertise in the design and development of required barrier solutions. Laboratory as well as industrial coating and printing facilities supporting the product development from the conceptual idea to the final product. Physical and chemical testing of the barrier coated products can be elaborated in-house.

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